Monday, June 9, 2008

Aaghaz screening

Dear friend,

After a long break, we finally resume the AAGHAZ film screenings. Films being screened on this coming Saturday are:

March 1 (Saturday):                                                                              Time: 6.30 pm

                                        SEZ – ARAJAKTA KI AUR (film in Hindi/English)

The Indian Government in 2005 passed the preposterous Special Economic Zone Act to facilitate the growth of industries in various sectors by providing them several incentives like tax rebates, free infrastructure, relaxation of labour and environmental regulations. Over the past year the Ministry of Commerce has approved more than 200 SEZs. Of these, more than 50 are in Maharashtra. Local communities whose lands are being acquired for these projects are fighting back. This documentary highlights these struggles.

Director: Atul Pethe (India)    Time: 36 mins

                                                IMAGES OF DEVELOPMENT (English)

 Through its portrayal of the eviction of the slum-dwellers, along the Beleghata Circular Canal in Kolkata, the film shows how the process of planning and development works by excluding, if necessary by force, the poor and the marginalized. The film sketches images of the different aspects of the city-scape, it captures extensive interviews of the people to be evicted, the violent eviction on, ironically, the World Human Rights day.

Director: Pramod Gupta (India)    Time: 25 mins

Venue: Hall No. G-9, or Hall in front of gate, Management College, Azam Campus.

Looking forward to seeing you at the film screening,

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