Monday, June 9, 2008

Fantastic - Bhopalis win - HIP HIP HURRAY

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HERE IS SOME FANTASTIC NEWS. Our friends in Bhopal have finally won, HIP HIP HURRAY. As you all will remember, the Bhopalis were on Dharna in Delhi for the last two months after a heroic padyatra from Bhopal to Delhi in Feb-March this year demanding clean drinking water, a commission to resolve the outstanding problems arising out of Bhopal gas tragedy, and action against DOW.  Determined struggle can change the world, here is yet another evidence of what we can do once we decide that WE WILL NOT BACK OUT TILL WE WIN.

After 2 months of dharna at Jantar Mantar, Prime Minister finally sent Minister of State- Mr. Prithviraj Chavan to the dharnasthal to read out a statement on his belhalf agreeing to:  

a) set up the commission on Bhopal for atleast 30 years to look into the rehabilitation

b) ICMR to continue the research on Bhopal

c) to provide safe drinking water to all 14 communities and allocate a budget of 14.1 crores towards this

d) pursue legal case in the MP High Court that demands Rs 100 crore as advance towards clean up from Dow Chemicals.

The demands that are still under consultation are:  

  • Move for extradition of Warren Anderson and the authorized representative of Union Carbide Corporation.
  • Revoke approval given to Reliance Industries for purchase of Union Carbide's Unipol technology which is intellectual property that should be confiscated because the corporation is absconding since 1992.
  • Cancel registration for all four pesticides, including Dursban, obtained by bribing Agriculture Ministry officials as established by Securities & Exchange Commission, USA.
Response on these demands is expected by 3rd June. Bhopalis are determined to continue the dharna till these demands are also addressed. Today a letter will be sent to Prime Minister urging him to elaborate on the finer details of the Commission and also the three demands that are yet to be addressed.
Media coverage on the issue
Bhopal gas tragedy: Case against Dow won't be withdrawn
Times of India, India - 6 hours ago
NEW DELHI: The Union government on Thursday bowed to pressure from the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy activists and accepted their demand for setting up a ...
Commission to rehabilitate Bhopal gas victims to be set up
Hindu, India - 7 hours ago
NEW DELHI: The Centre has agreed "in principle" to set up an empowered commission to rehabilitate the survivors and victims of the Bhopal gas leak that ...
Govt continues to gas Bhopal victims
Economic Times, India - 7 hours ago
NEW DELHI: The government has finally lent an ear to the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy. But coming after 25 years it's certainly a case of too little too ...
Panel for Bhopal gas victims
Calcutta Telegraph,  India - 7 hours ago
New Delhi, May 29: The Centre plans to set up an empowered commission of senior government officials to carry out medical, economic, ...
Centre to set up panel to help Bhopal gas leak victims
Indian Express, India - 7 hours ago
NEW DELHI, MAY 29: The Government has agreed to set up a panel to help victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak, which has till now killed more than 15000 people ...
Commission for Bhopal grievances
BBC News, UK - 8 hours ago
By Chris Morris The Indian government says it will set up a commission to examine some of the grievances of victims of the world's worst industrial disaster ...
India to set up panel for Bhopal survivors: minister
AFP - 11 hours ago
NEW DELHI (AFP) [WINDOWS-1252?]— India is to set up a panel to help victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak, which killed more than 15000 people, a minister said Thursday ...
Dow Chemical: Liable for Bhopal?
BusinessWeek - 23 hours ago
by Manjeet Kripalani For nearly a quarter century, the name Bhopal has been synonymous with the dangers of industrialization. In the wee hours of Dec. ...
UPA government agrees to gas victims' demand for setting up of a ..., FL - 9 hours ago
New Delhi, May 29: After a long wait, victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, got some relief on Thursday, when the Central government decided to grant their demand ...
New panel to rehabilitate Bhopal victims
Times of India, India - 8 hours ago
NEW DELHI: Smiles and hugs, signifying a part of the battle won, were exchanged on Thursday among the Bhopal gas tragedy victims, who are protesting in the ...
Panel for Bhopal tragedy victims' rehab
Times of India, India - 8 hours ago
NEW DELHI: Almost 23 years after the Bhopal gas tragedy, the government has decided to set up an empowered commission to rehabilitate the victims, ...

Do inform your friends, it is a great win.

in solidarity,

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