Monday, May 25, 2009

Workshop on "Peace and Conflict Resolution"

Lokayat participated in 7 Days workshop on "Peace and Conflict Resolution" from 4th May 09 to 11th May 09

ICSSR organised a workshop called as “Peace and Conflict Resolution” Sai Baba Seva Dhaam Trust Kanha Fata Maval Taluka Pune from 4th May 09 to 11th May 09.Everday we got opportunity to interact with those speakers who have seen problems faced by victims in riots, of bomb blasts and how they help them to get back into their life.

Starting from Asghar Ali Engineer. He delivered his lectures on Medival history of India and on Theories of Peace and conflict Resolution.Second Day he told us about communal violence in India. He also cleared myths about Islam and told us about the Conflict in Kashmir.

Prof. Ram Puniyani explain the Communalism through iceberg theory.
i.e. 1/10th of Iceberg is visible = Riots
Rest of the Iceberg = Politics

Above two reasons are responsible for Communalism.
He also explains what is Communal Historiography , Ghar Waapsi and what are the different facets of religion. He also told us about the words that sounds similar but their meanings are different namely Hindu, Hindu Religion, Hindutav and Hindu Nation. It was declared that Christians and Muslims are foreigners are a threat to Hindu religion.Also told that Anti Christian violence is in the continuation of RSS agenda of Hindun Rashtra “Pehle Kasai Phir Isai”(First the Muslims then Christians).

Irfaan Ali Engineer gave lecture on Secularism and explain about Uniform Civil Code .After that we got a chance to interact with Dr. Vasundhara Mohan,Executive Director of Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS).She gave information on Role of Women in Conflict Resolution. How important they are in conflict resolution.

Dr. Aruna Pendse gave information on Communal Forces in Maharashtra like Shiv Sena and BJP. For division in Urban Society they are using religion and language as their weapons.

Mrs. Marukh Adenewala, Senior Lawyer delivered speech on Human Rights and Democracy.She explain the following theory on Human Rights namely

1) Universal Theory of Human Right
2) Natural Law Theory
3) Natural Rights Theory

Last day Suresh Khopade,ACP,North Region,Mumbai. He discussed Bhiwandi Case Study and Causes of Communal Riots.How they set up Mohalla Committee in Bhiwandi for the welfare of victims. He told us who is suffering most by these riots.

Neeraj Jain discussed What is Globalization? When it begins? Who are enjoying its benefits? Also gave information on Myths about the benefits of FDI Inflows.We also came to know that Madras has become the Garbage Capital and Delhi Capital of Electronic Waste(70%).

So that how our last day ends. We came to know lots of facts about our so called Indian History,Communalism and Globalization. This workshop has also generated a curiosity within all of us to know more about these problems and help in the development of society.

Report by Anurag Meshram


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